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Avis/Budget Lebanon New airport procedure

We are glad to introduce a new airport procedure that is exclusive to Avis & Budget in Beirut International airport.

Till last June, we could not allow our guests neither to take delivery of cars in the Parking area nor return the cars directly due to the parking management regulations. We were forced to bring the car(s) in front of the terminal creating delays to the customers and problems with the traffic police.

We were able lately to negotiate with the Parking management company to rent a block of 75 parking spaces where as our competition have between 5 and 10 spaces. This allowed us to impose a new system where the customers can now pick up the car and return it directly in/to the Parking.
This system will allow us to:
    • Reduce delays in the car delivery
    • Reduce queues at the counter
    • Create a VIP service where our regular customers will have a preferred parking spot
    • Have a smoother check in procedure
    • Have a better damage control since we can take more time to control as no stress from the police
    • Have a wide inventory allowing us to answer Walk in requests where as competition do not have stock
    • Reduce the non revenue movements between downtown and airport
    • Install a branded office on the parking site to better serve our customers

      In addition to the operational and sales opportunities, this solution allowed us to have a great exposure and free advertising since we have placed signs all over the parking with Avis & Budget logos since we are the only ones operating in that manner.

      We do not expect our competitors to move to such a solution as it needs a huge investment in terms of setup and monthly parking rental which will give an additional edge on competition.

You will find hereunder the signs placed all over the parking:

Avis Budget Lebanon Airport.pdf

Recent improvements at TLV Airport

For the past 3 years, the car rental companies operated from a compound far from the passengers’ terminal, therefore customers needed to use shuttle services to and from the terminal. Avis was the only company that operated car pick-ups directly from the terminal (car returns, however, were operated from the distant compound).

Due to a change of regulations made by the Israeli Airport Authority, all car pickups of all companies will now be operated from the terminal, but only Avis will be allowed to operate the car returns from the terminal as well. Other companies will still be transporting their customers to the terminal by shuttle services.

This is a very significant advantage of Avis in the Airport (the main rental location for incoming traffic), our customers are delighted.

Avis Israel TLV Airport improvements.pdf