Fuel cards

Fuel cards – advantages and disadvantages

When you choose Operational leasing from Avis Bulgaria you can benefit from many advantages. Fuel cards are special service, which sometimes is ignored in the selection of parameters for Operational leasing.

Operational leasing cardsThe most important advantages which can be listed are:

  • Use of our trade discount on the purchase of fuel
  • No cash needed to buy fuel or other supplies at the petrol stations
  • Reduced fuel and supplies costs for your company vehicles
  • Simplified accounting process of fuel and supplies
  • Usage of special software, which shows various reports and can be used to monitor against any abuse
  • Delayed payments – the final invoice is produced once a month and it can be paid in certain time frame. This could be taken as a company credit

Disadvantages of fuel cars are:
  • Fuel cards can be used only for one main supplier. Working with two or more providers can lead to more difficult to process and it could reduce your discount received.
  • Working with two providers can require an additional guarantee deposit

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when deciding whether to use this Operational leasing service – “is there a need to use company fuel card”!

Fuel cards are a convenient payment method for companies with large and small fleets and also businesses that have no more than 5 or 10 cars. Fuel cards are mainly preferred by transportation, distribution and construction companies. When using a fuel cards, there are no worries whether you have enough cash to fuel your company vehicle and carry on with working. No need to hold large amount of cash in your office or in any of your employees with company cars. Basically, the fuel cards are close to credit cards that have limits, but are limited to be used for specific products.

The fuel cards can be limited to be used by a certain vehicle, which greatly reduces the risk of fuel misuse. On the other hand, if you need to use this fuel card for another/ new company vehicle you won’t be able to.
If you have selected fuel cards in your Operational leasing parameters, you will have access to special software, which quickly and easily shows reports of specific fuel cards from any worldwide point. All you need is internet connection.

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