Operational leasing services for new vehicles

Operational Leasing services from Avis Rent a Car listed below:
    Operational leasing service1. Vehicle registration at Regional Transportation Department
    2. Annual road tax of the vehicle
    3. Third Party Liability insurance
    4. Full vehicle “theft and damage” insurance
    5. Personal accident insurance
    6. Annual technical inspection
    7. Maintenance according to manufacturer’s requirements
    8. Tires:
    - New set of tires of every 40 000 km;
    - Seasonal tire sets change;
    - Tire storage;

    9. Vignette sticker
    10. Call service – one of our associates will collect the vehicle for any maintenance that has to be done within one working day
    11. Replacement vehicle in case of an accident or in case your vehicle is being serviced for longer period
    12. Insurance management – assisting in damage claims and policy renewal
    13. 24 hours help line in case of an emergency
    14. Fuel cards
In above presented services for operational leasing, the client is obliged to accept items 1 to 4, as the other optional services are offered on request, or according to customer’s budget.