Why choose Operational leasing from Avis Bulgaria?

  • Operational leasing choiceWhen you use Operational leasing, you transfer the responsibility of your car
    park to the professionals
  • By using Operational leasing you will not be engaged with the car sell after the contract has ended
  • You and your associates will always have new vehicles available
  • Fixed monthly payments allow you to plan ahead. The Operational leasing contract term is set entirely at your request
  • As a worldwide company for Rent a Car and Operational leasing, we are entitled
    to receive big discounts, therefore you will also benefit from it
  • You will get a replacement vehicle if for some reason you are unable to use your vehicle temporally (break down service, parts repairs, etc.)
  • You don’t risk any of your employees to remain without their company car, which would lead to missed appointments or unavailability to cover your daily activities.

Our work process covers management of hundreds of cars to companies from different business areas, such as: computer technology, construction, distribution, manufacturing engineering, pharmaceutical industry, logistic, transport and many others well known.

A big part of our success is due to quality service and devoted team of professionals which is ready to assist in any situation that requires our help.

We are well known on the Bulgarian market due to high quality and international service that our company provides.

Our team is keen to answer any queries that you may have!