Operational leasing FAQ

Operational leasing questions

It’s an undisputable fact that all business sectors and business areas have a need from company cars. Their maintenance could lead to extra work for your employees, which may not be very familiar with damage claims, vehicle maintenance and other technical questions.

What would be the best contract duration?
  • Operational leasing helpThe customer chooses the term of the contract, according to his capability and monthly installment that he is ready to pay.
  • It is possible that your company prefers a shorter rental period with greater mileage. In this case, your fleet will be renewed more often with new vehicles. In other words - it depends on the annual mileage and the amount of your monthly payment (budget).
  • Customers can choose Operational leasing term from 1 to 5 years. In most cases our clients choose a period between 3 and 4 years.

What annual mileage should I state in the contract?

Operational leasing assistanceThe mileage range we take as default is 2500 km per month. This range, of course, can be increased or decreased, which will affect the monthly payment. The Operational leasing payment increases when the customer wants to do more than 2500 km per month.

What kind of fuel is best to choose?
You will always get our advice of what would be the best fuel for you. You should take into account the mileage and the main purpose of the car. It is known that:
  • Diesel cars have higher initial cost, more maintenance costs but they are more economical. Some worldwide companies have a policy to use only diesel cars due to their less harmful gases released.
  • Petrol cars are cheaper to buy and have less maintenance cost, but are not as efficient as the diesel cars.

What brand and model is the best to choose?

Operational leasing choiceThe choice depends on the needs and customer’s budget for operational leasing. At Avis Rent a Car we present various choices based on price, service and other parameters and will help you choose the best vehicle that your company needs.
As part of a large holding group company, which owns and represents a number of car brands, we are able to offer quality service at reasonable price levels.

What will be the deposit amount?
The deposit amount is discussed individually. It is based on the number of cars on operational leasing, how financially stable your company is and some other factors. Usually the deposit is between 1 and 5 monthly payments and shell be refunded when the contract ends. It’s possible to allow the deposit to be deducted at the end of the contract.

Operational leasing car
Can I choose Operational leasing if the company has been registered recently?

Yes, you can choose Operational leasing, but we may request higher deposit amount.