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Avis Rent a Car offers to its clients car rental service and operational leasing, which includes innovative solutions and approaches, as well as full service to your car park, called Fleet Management.

As a different type of long-term car rental (from 12 to 60 months), the operational leasing is especially suitable for companies, whose operational needs require consistent renewal and update of its car park, without acquiring ownership of the vehicles.

Operational leasing is a modern form of financing and it allows you to pay equal monthly payments, recognized as company expenses on its full value, instead of investing once in the full value of the vehicle.

Operational leasing’s key purpose offered by Avis Rent a Car Bulgaria is that customers get a new car of their choice and monthly installments, fleet management, and replacement vehicle for entire rental period.

Choosing an Operational leasing you should be aware that the lessee does not acquire the car at the end of the contract as with the financial leasing, but it’s rented for entire contract period.
The following options also available at the end of the leasing period:

  • Acquisition of the car where the lessee pays the remainder of the purchase price, which we call "residual value"
  • Renewal of the contract and get a new car, depending on client’s wishes. No new deposit is required for the next operational leasing as lessee already has deposit held for operational leasing service.

For further details please review the information below or contact our office.

Why Operational leasing

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Required documents

Operational leasing documentsEach company must meet certain requirements to apply for Operational leasing!
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Financial benefits to Operational leasing

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Operational leasing FAQ

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